Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The present Terms and Conditions apply to wine purchase contracts between the seller – “GreatWinesCellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) and any person – buyer (customer) with which the seller concludes a contract under these Terms and Conditions. Our services are reserved exclusively for persons of legal age (according to the law of their country of residence) for purchasing and/or consuming alcoholic beverages. By placing an order, the customer (purchaser) confirms that they are of legal age for purchasing and/or consuming alcohol according to the current legislation of their (importer’s) country. “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) is responsible for the accurate description of the products shown on its site (product authenticity and condition). The pictures of bottles displayed on our website correspond to the exact bottles that we have in stock. We guarantee the authenticity of our wines. We guarantee appropriate storing conditions for the entirety of our stock. We are not liable for any loss of condition or decline in market value due to natural processes, ullage, or being cellared too long. We may not be held liable for any failure to respect our obligations under the present Terms and Conditions caused by events beyond our control and/or resulting from a case of unforeseeable circumstances. Cases of unforeseeable circumstances include, but not limited to, in addition to those cases recognized by law, any natural disasters, acts of war, attacks on public order, epidemics, fires, floods and other disasters, any government action, strikes, lock outs, as well as all electrical and technical problems outside of our control and which may prevent communication.


Prices shown on our website are in euros. The prices shown on our website are non-binding and products are subject to stock availability. Prices are quoted per bottle. Prices shown on our website are with and without value-added tax (VAT). VAT is automatically billed for any purchases shipped within the EU. Orders are subject to a minimum purchase requirement of 300 euros (before VAT) per order. Payment is due within 14 business days after receipt of the invoice by the customer (purchaser) via email. If the payment is not received within the specified time, the seller’s offer becomes null and void. Your order must be paid in full as invoiced prior to shipment. Money transfer fees charged by bank or financial institution are the sole responsibility of the customer.


“Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) is committed to ensuring that your products are handled with proper care during transportation. The bottles are packaged in materials that protect our products against extreme temperatures and shock. “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) assumes no liability for wine damaged due to poor weather during shipping. This can include leakage, freezing, or corks pushing out of the neck. “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) reserves the right to hold shipment of your wine during extreme weather conditions (We do not advise shipping during temperatures over 90°F (32°C) or under 32°F (0°C). At your request, we will store your order free of charge while the weather is not suitable for shipping. If the weather is very hot or cold in your area and you would like us to postpone your shipment, please advise us prior to the stated shipping date. Orders will be shipped out only after payments are received and processed. The order will be shipped to the address provided by the customer during order confirmation. It is the responsibility of customers to notify us promptly of any change in their contact details. We reserve the right to charge shipping fee and return shipping fee for refused or undeliverable shipments. Please see the “Transit time” section of our site for exact delivery time and costs. Handling and processing may take up to 3 business days. Please note that wines shipped internationally (outside of the European Union countries) are shipped solely at customer’s own risk. In particular, the precise timing of deliveries (given the need to clear Customs in other countries) and the local storage conditions while awaiting Customs clearance are completely outside of our control and we cannot be held responsible for failures and damages caused by such delays and inappropriate storage conditions during Customs procedures. “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) is not involved in the collection of foreign duties, taxes, and surcharges, which must be paid separately by the customer to the appropriate authorities. Certain countries have “sampling” laws, where authorities have the right to open a limited number of bottles per shipment. “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) cannot be held responsible for such obligations. “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) could not be hold responsible for damaged labels and capsules of bottles shipped in sealed original wooden boxes. 


The client should inspect all goods immediately at the time of delivery and notify “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) and the carrier forthwith of any shortage, damage or other deficiency for insurance purposes. The insurance is void and the client would not be refunded if this formality is not accomplished. All of our shipments are insured against theft, loss and damage during transportation for an amount of 500 euros. The insurance costs are free for the customer. The client is refunded according to the damage within those amounts. The damages exceeding those amounts are not covered by the insurance and “Great Wines Cellar” cannot be held responsible for the damages exceeding those amounts. However, if the declared value of the products exceeds 500 euros, the client has the right to purchase a supplementary insurance that covers any incident during the shipping (theft, damage, loss) for the whole amount of the declared value. Supplementary insurance charge is 1% of the declared value of the shipment. Insurance can only be purchased if FedEx is selected as the courier. The damages exceeding these amounts are not covered by the insurance and “Great Wines Cellar” can not be held responsible for theft, loss and damage during transportation.


If the client would like to cancel the order, we allow fourteen days from the receipt of the products to process the return. We do not offer a refund or replacement for corked wines; such returns will not be accepted. We will help you the get in touch with the wine producer in order to exchange the corked bottle of wine. A refund (excluding the delivery fee, return shipment fee and insurance costs) will be offered as long as all returned products are in same condition as they were shipped to the customer. The return shipment is executed by the carrier chosen by “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.) and processed after a return request has been approved by the “Great Wines Cellar” (Aurora Group s.r.o.). All return shipments are insured against any incident during the shipping (theft, damage, loss) for the whole amount of the declared value. The return shipment charges and the insurance fees are the responsibility of the client. Great Wines Cellar will process all refunds claims within 30 calendar days.